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Our Belief:

The single greatest untapped opportunity to improve operating performance and impact the bottom line is to develop excellence in operating reliability and safety -- Yet many organizations today continue to misuse fundamental concepts and suffer the negative consequences.

The Warning Signs: (click on red bullets for more information - Javascript must be enabled)

Using OSHA 'recordable' statistics as a measurement of performance or a program goal

Using prizes, incentives, and safety meetings as major components of a prevention program

Displaying posters and banners that count days or hours since a lost-time accident

Pressuring employees for safety results without their buy-in and with little knowledge of the true causes of accidents

Viewing safety as an employee responsibility rather than an organizational problem

Absorbing costs related to losses as corporate overhead rather than allocated directly back to the operating units

Where to Start:

Click HERE to view a 25 minute video "Work Doesn't Have To Be A Four Letter Word"

Read articles on loss prevention HERE.